Using our award-winning virtual classroom software, we are now making our online English lessons available to everyone online! Click here for more information.

When we closed our school on 20th March due to the Coronavirus, we moved all of our English lessons online, ensuring that our existing students could continue with their studies.  Our software allows us to use the same great course books we use in our Manchester school and the system has loads of great features such as an interactive whiteboard, text chat and can be used on laptops or mobile devices.

The feedback has been extremely positive – and here is the reason why!

We offer courses in General English, IELTS exam preparation, Cambridge B2 First exam preparation and Cambridge C1 Advanced exam preparation.

Our standard courses at our English school in Manchester usually offer a full immersion experience.  Students basically need to book their flight and we take care of the rest.  Taxi transfers, accommodation, English course, social programme, assisting with living in Manchester, exam preparation, guidance on next steps in terms of university or work, recommending places to eat.. you name it, we do it!  Our courses are a one-stop shop to learning English, living in Manchester-UK, getting to know the culture, making forever-friends and ultimately, progressing in English which then allows students to go to university, get a job or get a promotion.  Travelling to live in a UK city to learn English really is a life changing experience.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has meant we have had to stop everything we know and love.  Nothing can replicate the experience of travel, meeting people, connection, learning and real-life experiences but we have now realised that just because we can’t offer our usual experience, doesn’t mean we should do nothing at all.  In fact, we are taking everything we know and love and turning it into something different.

We have been delivering our courses online for 3 weeks now and they are AMAZING. Our online English courses have clear learning outcomes, great content and have lots of additional benefits, such as a one-one tutorial every 2 weeks.

Everyone is on lock down in different countries around the world, the simple act of connecting with people from around the globe is fascinating. It also offers an opportunity to do something positive, enriching and life-changing whilst we are all in this difficult situation.  It allows students to keep hold of their goals and dreams and continue working towards them.  Whilst everything else has stopped, our students can continue growing and learning.

Whilst learning English online is not a full immersion experience, it still offers a fun way to continue to improve your English, meet with our great teachers and connect with people from around the globe.

For more information, including timetables, prices and special offers CLICK HERE

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