Student Reviews

Student Reviews

My General English course was very good, everything was awesome and the teachers helped me to improve my English. 
I had to study English because I need the language for the university . The special thing is the staff, very nice. It was a great experience!
Abdullah, Saudi Arabia, 2018

I was studying for four months in The Essential English Centre. First, I studied a General English course for one month in the mornings and for four months I studied IELTS course in the afternoons. The courses had a fantastic quality and were really useful and professional. The teachers are qualified to teach and work with foreign people. The communication between teachers/staff and students is brilliant. Courses offer exactly what you need to learn English and achieve your goals.
Sergio, Spain, 2018

I have done the Cambridge Advanced exam and I’ll receive the results in 2-4 weeks. I really wanted to thank the school and especially my teacher for the classes, I really made a lot of progress there and I miss it.
Oceane, Switzerland, 2018

This is an amazing school! Every student, every staff, every teacher.
Thank you for everyone! Fabulous! 
Hayato, Japan, 2016


I really enjoyed my time in Manchester. The teachers are really friendly and can teach you very well. I also appreciated the weekend social programme tours. Last but not least, I can also recommend to stay in a host family to improve the English additionally. Thank you so much for this amazing time.
Julian, Switzerland, 2018


I joined  the IELTS course at The EEC and I really recommend to everyone who wants to prepare himself/herself to do this exam. In fact I obtained excellent preparation, with all the material I needed, with great classmates and special teachers.I am really glad for choosing this school, here I found a place where I felt at home, everyone is very kind and gentle, always available to help me and guide me. 

I passed my IELTS exam at the end of July with band score 7.  When I started the course my level was around 6.5. Thanks to this result, which is exactly the goal that I wanted to achieve, I am able to continue my studies with the Master in PGCE.  As I said before I am glad and I consider myself lucky to have found this school!!
Camilla, Italy, 2018

I came to Manchester to study English at The Essential English Centre ( Academic Year Programme) and take my IELTS test (English test) for the university because my plan was to study in the UK. I liked studying in my English school because the education was quality and the staff were very nice with me. I spent 11 months studying in Manchester and I really appreciate that Manchester is an international city where you can meet people from all around the world. 
Dramane, Mali, 2018 
* Dramane is now studying at his chosen UK university.

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