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Student Reviews


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This is an amazing school! Every student, every staff, every teacher.
Thank you for everyone! Fabulous! 
Hayato, Japan, 2016


I really enjoyed my time in Manchester. The teachers are really friendly and can teach you very well. I also appreciated the weekend social programme tours. Last but not least, I can also recommend to stay in a host family to improve the English additionally. Thank you so much for this amazing time.
Julian, Switzerland, 2018


I joined  the IELTS course at The EEC and I really recommend to everyone who wants to prepare himself/herself to do this exam. In fact I obtained excellent preparation, with all the material I needed, with great classmates and special teachers.I am really glad for choosing this school, here I found a place where I felt at home, everyone is very kind and gentle, always available to help me and guide me. 
I passed my IELTS exam at the end of July with band score 7.  When I started the course my level was around 6.5. Thanks to this result, which is exactly the goal that I wanted to achieve, I am able to continue my studies with the Master in PGCE.  As I said before I am glad and I consider myself lucky to have found this school!!
Camilla, Italy, 2018

I came to Manchester to study English at The Essential English Centre ( Academic Year Programme) and take my IELTS test (English test) for the university because my plan was to study in the UK. I liked studying in my English school because the education was quality and the staff were very nice with me. I spent 11 months studying in Manchester and I really appreciate that Manchester is an international city where you can meet people from all around the world. 
Dramane, Mali, 2018 
* Dramane is now studying at his chosen UK university.


I was studying in the IELTS class and it was absolutely fantastic. I had a lot of information and competition during my course , I was nervous and embarrassed
 at first about my level but the teacher and the student made me feel alright. Moreover. my level increased significantly, the result was amazing after I finished my exam I have got 3 offers from 3 universities, I worked hard but the teacher and the atmosphere of the school were the ones helping me to reach this high level,the school was super special for me because all the student were serious about the English and all the staff there make you feel comfortable and always ask if they can do any kind of help. 
Abdullah, Syria, 2018

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