2020 Prices

All prices are per week.

  • Payment is due 30 days after the invoice issue date and no later than 4 weeks in advance.
  • All bookings are subject to availability.
  • You are also required to purchase the course book and pay a non refundable registration fee.  If you require additional documents to support a visa application, an additional fee will be charged.

If you are preparing for an exam and would like to sit the exam in Manchester then you should view our Exam dates and fees page.

Please ensure you have read and understood the school’s terms and conditions before booking your course.

Course book£30 per level/course
Registration fee ( non refundable)£45
Visa Documents£55

General English lessons

Teaching hours per week2515106
1-7 weeks£250£175£120£72
8-12 weeks£245£170£120£72
13-23 weeks£240£165£120£72
24-35 weeks£235£160£120£72
36-44 weeks£230£155£120£72
Levels availableA1-C1A1-C1A1-C1A1-C1

Online English lessons

General English Module 1General English Module 2Exam Preparation Module 3
Teaching hours7 hours 30 minutes7 hours 30 minutes9 hours 45 minutes
1-12 weeks£45£45£65
Levels availableA1-C1A1-C1B1-C1
Online English lessons Special Offer – Book Modules 1+ 2 = £75, or Book Modules 1+2+3 = £120

IELTS exam preparation lessons

Academic IELTS exam 25Academic IELTS exam 10
Teaching hours2510
1-7 weeks£260£120
8-12 weeks£255£120
13-23 weeks£250£120
24-35 weeks£245£120
36-44 weeks£240£120
Levels availableA2-C1A2-C1

Cambridge exam preparation lessons

B2 First exam 25B2 First exam 10C1 Advanced exam 25C1 Advanced exam 10
Teaching hours25102510
1-7 weeks£260£120£260£120
8-12 weeks£255£120£255£120
13-23 weeks£250£120£250£120
24-35 weeks£245£120£245£120
36-44 weeks£240£120£240£120
Levels availableB1-C1B1-C1B2-C1B2-C1

Academic Year Programme

Prices are per weekAcademic Year Programme
Teaching hours per week25
24-35 weeks£240
36 – 44 weeks£235
Levels availableA1-C1

English + Business English lessons

Prices are per weekEnglish + Business 25
Teaching hours per week25
1-7 weeks£260
8-12 weeks£255
13-23 weeks£250
24-35 weeks£245
36-44 weeks£240
Levels availableB2-C1
Minimum age21

One-one English lessons

One-one lessons
1-10 hours£40 per hour
11-20 hours£36 per hour
21 hours +£32 per hour
+ More information Less information
+ More information Less information
+ More information Less information