Teaching Approach


In English Language Teaching, there are many methods that can be used in the classroom. However, through our research and knowledge of how to learn another language, we use the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach in our classrooms.

There are many ways to describe CLT and why it is a popular approach in English language teaching and learning, however here is some information to summarise background to CLT:

  • The main function of language is to allow interaction and communication
  • Classroom language learning is linked with language activities outside the classroom
  • Real-life texts and materials are used to help the learning process
  • The student’s personal experiences form a part of learning in the classroom

What does our teaching approach mean for the classroom experience?

Using the Communicative Language Teaching approach means that:

  • the teacher understands that communication is the most important factor when learning English, and will ensure that classroom activities are designed with this in mind
  • the student will be able to connect what they learn in the classroom with what happens in their everyday work and personal lives
  • the student will benefit from a range of learning materials related to real life communication, which allow the individual to improve their English language skills
  • Grammar is taught in an authentic and communicative allowing the student to understand its importance in language learning while connecting it to everyday interaction in English