The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind in our school.  The UK government closed all schools in the UK, meaning we needed to move all of our lessons online.  Although there have been a few challenges, we have now been successfully running classes for two weeks and more importantly – everybody is safe.

The Coronavirus outbreak is affecting everybody in the world differently, but one thing is for sure, the sudden shock of the spread of the virus has forced us all to quickly reassess our priorities.  For some, trying to carry on as normal as possible is the best way to cope in a crisis and for others it is about being close to loved ones and making sure basic health needs are met. It can be difficult to focus on anything else!  There is no right way to deal with a crisis and it is important to remember that everybody is different.

In our school, some students wanted to stay in the UK and to continue studying and some students wanted to return home to their families as quickly as possible.  For those students who are still here, their welfare is the most important thing for us which is why we have regular contact with our students outside of the lessons and each student has a weekly one-one tutorial.  Sometimes it’s just good to know you have someone to talk to and we always want to be there for our students.

We are now sure that everyone is safe and is either enjoying studying online, or is safely at home with their family.

After the long hours of lesson planning and the shock of UK schools closing we want to turn our attention to selfcare. Whether that is listening to music, baking a cake or speaking with a best friend on Skype.  We have all had to respond to the shock and panic of the Coronavirus and we know that it is going to be here for several more months, so, why don’t you join us and make a deal with yourself to spend this weekend looking after yourself and doing something that makes you smile? Finding those moments where you can have a break from the stress and anxiety is so important.

If you were planning to study English with us in Manchester or if you are feeling lost and confused about your next steps, get in touch.  We are here to offer any advice and support we can.

#stayhome #staysafe #bekind