What to Pack

British Travel Adapter


To use your own electrical devices in the UK you will likely need a plug converter. While these are widely available to buy here, we recommend bringing at least one with you so you can charge your phone or laptop as soon as you arrive.

Stack of Bi-lingual Dictionary

Bi-lingual dictionary

English dictionaries are available in your classroom but we recommend having a bi-lingial dictionary for use during your studies.

Study Abroad Travel Documents


Before you leave, ensure you have all necessary documents with you, including your personal ID, insurance documents and confirmation of your course booking.

Medication for Travel


Ensure you have the correct supply of medication and ensure you inform us on your first day of any illnesses or allergies.

English Money

English Money

You will need some sterling cash for expenses during the first week. However, we do not recommend bringing or carrying large amounts of cash with you. If possible, make arrangements to transfer money to a UK bank account. In case there is a problem in transferring money, it is also a good idea to have a further £350 available in travellers cheques and a credit card for emergencies. You will also need money for items such as:

food, local travel, books, equipment, clothes and other necessities.

If you will be living in private accommodation then you may need more than this to cover any deposit or rent in advance.

Good Shoes

Good shoes

Whether you are walking around the city or exploring the areas around Manchester, ensuring you have a good pair of walking shoes with you will allow you to explore in comfort.

Waterproof Coat

Waterproof coat

The rain in Manchester can arrive at any time of the year and this doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. In fact you will find that most people from the UK are so used to the rain that they will continue with their day as if the sun were shining! Having a waterproof coat is essential for this.



Pack a small rucksack so you can carry your belongings to school each day. It is better if the rucksack is waterproof so your belongings are protected should it rain.