Useful Tips


We have compiled some useful tips and information for you to read while planning your journey to Manchester. If you have any questions before you arrive, contact us and we will be happy to help!

Weather in the UK

The UK has a relatively mild climate compared to much of Northern Europe, without extremes of hot or cold. However, if you come from a warm or hot climate the UK will probably feel quite cold and sometimes wet. It will take time to acclimatise when you arrive. If you are going to leave your clothes shopping until you get to the UK, remember to budget for this. The British climate is quite unpredictable and Manchester is well-known for its changeable weather so you should bring warm and waterproof clothing with you.

Learn some phrases before you arrive

If your level of English is quite low or you haven’t practised speaking for a long time then it is useful to learn some essential words and phrases, such as ‘Where is the train station?’ or ‘Please can I have a single ticket to Manchester Piccadilly?’. Being able to communicate basic information will help you and make you feel more confident!

Plan your full journey before you travel

Planning your full journey from your home to your UK accommodation will help you to feel more confident when you arrive. We are happy to help you plan you travel arrangements when you book your course and our local knowledge means we can help you to plan your full journey.

The Essential English Centre emergency mobile number

All students who are travelling from abroad will be a given an emergency contact number. If you have any problems when you arrive in the UK,we can help you. Save this number to your phone before you arrive and ensure that you have enough credit to call or text should you need to.

School equipment

You will need a notebook, pen and pencil for your lessons. If you do not want to bring these items with you, you will have time after your enrolment to visit the stationary shop. You will need approximately £5 to buy these items.