Staying Healthy and Safe

Withdrawing money for a ATM


When taking money from a cash machine (atm) ensure that you keep your pin number hidden and put any money safely away in your bag.

Bike with padlock

Lock your bike

Cycling is popular in Manchester with many parking bays around the city centre. You should buy a strong bike lock and use it whenever leave your bike unattended.

First Aid Kit

First Aid+ Medical treatment

Staff at The Essential English Centre are qualified in First Aid so should you feel unwell or suffer an injury then we are here to help.  If you feel unwell, you can go to a walk-in centre to see a doctor.  You don’t need an appointment but you may have to sit and wait for a long time.  The nearest walk-in centre to The EEC is BOOTS Manchester Arndale, 32 Market St, Manchester M1 1PL. Alternatively, if you feel you have a very serious injury or illness then you should go to the nearest hospital.
Students who are here for more than 12 weeks should register with their local doctor.

Keep your belongings safe

Keep your belongings safe

It is important that you keep your money and personal belongings safe. Ensure you have a secure purse or wallet to keep money and credit cards in and lock all computers safely away in your bag. Walking around with large amounts of money is not advisable.

Gym locker room

Staying safe in the gym

Many students join a local gym which is a great way to make friends and keep fit. All gyms provide a secure locker allowing you to keep your belongings safe while you exercise. You may need to buy a small padlock.

People crossing the road

Crossing the road

In England, cars drive on the left so remember to look RIGHT first when you cross the road!

Person no mobile phone in public

Be aware

Thieves operate in all big cities and you should always be aware of this. Take extra care in busy areas such as shopping centres and parks and don’t have any valuables on show.

Person receiving medical attention

Medical attention

The Walk In Centres located around Manchester allow you to seek professional medical advice without making an appointment. If you feel unwell you can visit a centre and wait to be seen.