Visit to MOSI

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Damien our Academic Manager writes about a recent visit with some of his students to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

We stepped out of The Essential English Centre into glorious sunshine. The city was illuminated by people’s smiles as we walked the streets under a blue summer sky.

Our destination was MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) a wonderful, interactive museum that explores the rich history of Manchester’s great achievements. To get there we walked along the glittering canals, which were lined with busy bars and restaurants full of people enjoying good food, good drink and good company. It made me think about the past. These canals have been a major part of Manchester life, connecting the city with the rest of the world for two hundred years. How many thousands of people have followed the same path during that time?

The museum is a great place for students to go. To be immersed in history really stimulates the mind and helps make learning memorable. As soon as we entered we were impressed by the sheer variety it had to offer. There were interactive science experiments that the students could be hands on with, there were the first trains ever invented, steam engines, cotton mills and early planes, not to mention the ultra-modern 3D printer. Plus, there is a replica of the first computer ever built.  Think about that.  Think about how different our lives are now because of an invention created by a Mancunian nearly 70 years ago.

The students investigated every corner of the museum and chose the invention that fascinated them the most. They will write a report on their research and I certainly look forward to reading them.

Coming to the MOSI really makes you think. It helps you realise just how important Manchester has been in shaping modern life, and how important Manchester might be for shaping our future too.

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