Our school offers a full range of services ensuring you get the most out of your stay.  From accommodation to welfare support, opening a bank account or starting university.  When you book your course, our admissions team will make you aware of all of the services we offer and will work with you to make sure you have everything organised ahead of your experience.


Students can choose homestay accommodation, staying with one of our local hosts, or can live more independently at a student residence in Manchester.

We know all of our host families well and we don’t use any outside agencies or place students in homes which have not been inspected by us.

Accommodation should be booked early, especially in the summer months of July and August, this will ensure students get matched with the best host family possible and will be certain of an allocated room at the student residence.  For more information about accommodation, please visit our Accommodation page.

Student Travel and Medical Insurance>

We strongly advise students to take out travel and medical insurance before leaving to study English in the UK.

We can assist with this and a policy can be purchased from us at the same time as booking your course.  having this policy means you are covered in the event of any loss or damage to personal possessions, illness and loss of tuition fees if you need to finish your course early.

The insurance we provide is from a third party, Guardme insurance. We recommend to watch this video before deciding if it is right for you.  You can also request to see a sample policy from our admissions team.

Airport Transfers>

Airport transfers Manchester Airport

Academic and Career Support>

The Essential English Centre has much experience in assisting students with academic queries and issues. We can help you with the following areas:

  • Careers Advice and Guidance (CV checking and advice, assistance with National Insurance numbers, arrangement of voluntary work experience in the Manchester area)
  • UK Education Options Advice

The Essential English Centre has direct personal links to many Manchester based educational institutions (assistance with university applications, tailored advice on the best courses to choose in Further and Higher Education, assistance with communication between student and educational institutions of choice)

Wellbeing and Welfare Support>

Your wellbeing and welfare is of the utmost importance to us. We want to make sure that you are well, healthy and happy during your time with us, and our dedicated support staff are here to help you at all times. We can help you with many different types of issue, and will let you know where in Manchester is the best place to go to help you. We assist with:

  • Questions about health and medical issues
  • How to meet new people (outside of school) and make new friends
  • How to access sports and social facilities and activities in Manchester
  • Dealing with the local council and other authorities
  • General pastoral support

Being Happy

We are here to listen and help you with day to day life in Manchester.

Religion and Faith

Manchester is a diverse, multicultural city and those who wish to observe their faith can seek advice on places of worship.

Health and Safety

We offer advice on how to seek medical help in the UK. International students on a full time course lasting 6 months or longer are entitled to free NHS hospital treatment.


It is important that students arrive to the UK understanding the level of support they have both inside and outside of school. The school has detailed policies which protect students and ensures they can expect to have a happy and safe experience.

Sometime emergencies do happen and we want all of our students, parents and agents to know that we will be there to offer full support in such circumstances.

We have:

  • First Aid trained staff onsite
  • Emergency mobile – 24/7

Should anything happen to you while you are in Manchester, there will ALWAYS be someone to help you.