If you are a professional agent and would like to send students to our school, we invite you to contact us to discuss a possible working partnership. Jo and Bairbre have worked extensively in education for many years and bring with them a keen understanding of how important the agent/school relationship is.  Our motto is ‘quality wins’ and we genuinely care about every student we welcome through our doors.

Bairbre Walsh

Linkedin: Bairbre Walsh
Phone: 0044 (0) 161 236 2364
Jo Wilde

Linkedin: Jo Wilde
Phone: 0044 (0) 161 236 2364

Why work with us?

  • Independently-owned by two passionate teachers (Jo Wilde and Bairbre Walsh)
  • An exciting brand in the international EFL industry
  • A reliable, quality school which has already been recognised by key figures in the international EFL industry
  • High attention to detail in terms of teaching and customer service.  We are a small school which allows us to offer individual attention and flexibility to our students and agents
  • Situated in central Manchester, the fastest-growing UK destination for English language students
  • Attractive prices (both for courses and accommodation)
  • Mixed nationality classes
  • A well-established suite of courses which provide a dynamic, high-quality experience for our students

We offer:

  • Direct contact with the school owners, who will deal with all of your enquiries and will assist you with all aspects of student enrolment and care
  • A commitment to developing a long-term and mutually beneficial working relationship
  • A friendly, personalised and reliable professional service
  • Competitive rates of commission, including commission on extended and return bookings
  • Up-to-date marketing information as well as important news and events direct to your door and via email