The Apprentice arrives in school!

English classes

It’s amazing how our students develop and grow through the use of English and one of today’s lessons allowed students to get into character to debate, convince and plead with the newly appointed Lord Mobarak ( Lord Sugar’s replacement at The EEC)


Students were tasked with creating a business model where they had to explain 8 different facets of their new business venture.  This included staffing arrangements, funding, project management arrangements and other fundamental aspects of their business idea.


The Pitch
Working in pairs, students then had to prepare their pitch before taking the seat in Lord Mobarak’s office in the hope of gaining his approval for a business partnership.  As with the real Apprentice tv show, the delegates must fight their corner in the hope of not being sacked by Lord Sugar, using their best efforts of self-promotion on the powerful decision-maker.

Learn English with roleplay

In the end it was our student (Manuel- from Spain) who managed to seal the deal with the big boss. Congratulations Manuel!  Mobarak (from Kuwait) played a very convincing Lord Sugar and other students in the class put together very strong pitches.

What a great  opportunity for students to explore the preparation of a project thorugh English, and  develop skills in speaking, tone of voice, convincing… all absolutely crucial skills in the professional workplace.  It also highlights how important it is to perform roleplay during classes to allow students the opportunity to explore various aspects of their personality using English.


Well done!  A great lesson!


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