Why Manchester

85% of people in Manchester speak English as their first language

I can’t really explain what I like most about Manchester because it’s something that you just feel. Manchester hugged me like a child. I lived there for 1 year and it was just amazing. There is such a mix of people, races and cultures..I think the diversity, and the way everyone is equal, whatever their race, religion or culture... I think that’s what made me love Manchester. Different people, different food, different places to go, you feel like you have a piece of the whole world in Manchester.

Vanessa Alves, Portugal

The cost of living in Manchester is 38% cheaper than in London.

Rent £75 - £135 per week
Pint of beer in a pub £2.50
Glass of wine £2.50
Water 1 litre £0.80
Milk 1 litre £0.80
Sim card £2.00
Big Mac £2.59
Pizza From £4.00
Travel Weekly bus pass £7.50 to £13.00
Going to a football match £20 - £80 depending on match

Enjoy Manchester all year round


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