Other Accommodation Options

Other accommodation options are available in Manchester. Our team are happy to offer advice with alternative accommodation choices, which should be booked directly by the student. 

Shared housing

Of all other accommodation options available, shared housing is the most popular amongst our students. Manchester is home to many native and international students and shared housing is very common. This type of accommodation is usually advertised on dedicated shared student housing websites or through Facebook or student blogs. You should read our Accommodation Advice page before entering into any agreement.

Private rented accommodation

If you intend to stay in the UK for more than 6 months, you may wish to live independently in private rented accommodation. You will be asked to sign an agreement and will be required to pay a deposit. The deposit is usually 4-6 weeks’ rent. Negotiating contracts in English may be difficult for some students. Read our Accommodation Advice page before entering into an agreement in privately rented accommodation.


There are a wide range of hotels available within walking distance of our school. Prices vary and range from £45 – £145 per night. Rooms can be booked as ‘room only’ or ‘bed and breakfast’.

City centre private apartment

It is possible to rent private apartments on a short-term or long-term basis. Apartments are located in the city centre and are usually furnished to a high standard. These apartments are intended for holiday purposes and are usually a lot more expensive than standard private rented accommodation.

Youth Hostel

There are two main Youth Hostels in Manchester; YMCA and Hatters hostel. Youth hostels are a low –budget option in which you will share a room with up to 12 other people. Staying in a Youth hostel is not considered to be a good long-term option as you will find it difficult to find space to study and may find the noise of other tenants distracting. However, if you want to visit Manchester for a few days before booking your course, this option may be suitable for you.

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