A visit to Castlefield, Manchester with Sarah


Hello! I am Sarah, I am from France and I work as a Marketing Officer at The Essential English Centre! Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging about different parts of Manchester, so that you can discover more about this great city 🙂 



Why did I choose to come to Manchester? It’s obvious for me! Simply because it is one of the most popular destinations for students. In addition to this, it was looking for a city with a nice standard of living but not too expensive. When I arrived, I immediately felt the mixture of cultures and I was pleasantly surprised by the warm people. Manchester is a historical city popular for its industries of the 19th century, and its football with two big clubs Manchester City and Manchester United. It is also a city renowned for art (musicians, singers, painters, etc.).  In today’s blog, I would like to speak to you about Castlefield.


The history of Manchester can be traced to Castlefield with the implementation of a Roman fort whose ruins can still be seen. Indeed, this  was an industrial district where we can see the first industrial canal in the world built in 1764 named Bridgewater Canal, as well as the first railway in the world.

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Today it is one of the most delightful and quiet areas of Manchester.
Ideal for romantic strolls, walks with the family or even with friends. Yes yes! 

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It is also a great place to go out at night with many great bars and restaurants. These establishments take the place of disused industrial warehouses of the era. They have also given way to new modern apartments for the many working professionals in the city.  I love the atmosphere here in Castlefield!  


Castlefield bars

I highly recommend that you visit Castlefield during your visit to Manchester – it’s a great place to relax during the day and to socialise at night! Finally, here are a few photographs of my walk down to Castlefield, including Beetham Tower, which is the tallest building in the UK outside of London.  Tune in again soon for another report from Manchester  🙂  🙂 




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